This is your time

"Being fully alive requires us to consider what will be missed if we don't try, if we don't take the risk"- Unknown

How often do you reflect on the impact you have on the world around you?  The things that you say and do could have a lasting impression on someone else, that changes their life forever. This is why it is so vital that we are aware of who we are, and what we allow to dictate who we are becoming. We become the decisions that we make daily, and If we are living without intention, we are a Wandering Generality.  

Most of my life has been lived in this fashion. While I made efforts to reflect and keep an eye on my heart, much of what I have done is going through the motions. I have lived life turning with the tides and letting life come to me as it would.  Honestly, because it is easy to let life come to you. But hopefully like me you reach a point in your life, where you know you have to make a change.  You know deep inside that there is more that you have to offer.  You may not know exactly what it is, but you know you can't keep living a confined life,  A life void of meaning and purpose. 

To make changes in your life is difficult but absolutely necessary. So the question is what will you do differently?  What will you change? What conscious effort will you make to be a person who has a lasting positive impact on the world around you?  There are people who need you to be awakened, fully alive, which in turn can change the course of history. Yours and theirs. The choice is yours though, and it will not happen without action and intention. 

The key for me was not trying to change everything at once, and in reality I am still a work in progress. What I have found though is making ONE small change in your life, can overflow into many other areas. Don't grow old and look back on your life, wishing you would have done things differently. 

This is your time.